Friday, May 31, 2013

Funny Money

Some decorated dollar bills getting pasted up in downtown Los Angeles.

Each is unique and pokes fun at the idea of 'play money'.

Dig it~

Branded - Rob From the Homeless, Give to the Rich!

Branded RTH has been getting up all over with fresh screen printed pasters all over Los Angeles bearing messages like 'Rob From the Homeless, Give to the Rich!' and 'Weed and Bitches'.

Stay up!~

Thug Life Meets Hug Life

Graffiti in downtown Los Angeles where a mural by some hardcore graffiti writers like Ruets, Spurn and Ewsoe, also gets joined by 'Hug Life' elements like the rooftop piece from Philip Lumbang and the dumpster tag from Louis Cannizzaro--the first street action glimpsed on the street from Louis XXX.

God Gets Up, Satan Buffs

One of Obey's pro-gun control wheat paste posters got 'censored' by some street buffing.

This buffing was not done by a city worker but by someone familiar with the street art world, who obviously doesn't want this idea to get out.  Only the NRA up top, and the message down below has been scratched off.  Its funny how there are so many street art pieces all over featuring violent images, or guns, yet those never get messed with.  Why is gun and violent imagery okay? But saying we should control guns is somehow threatening?  It is a strange world . . .

Guess this is just an example of how God gets up trying to spread the good message, while Satan runs the buff.

Click the jump for a closer look at Satan's work.  If you want to see what the full original piece looked like, check it out HERE

Plastic Jesus Gets Stolen!

Plastic Jesus opened his 'LA Art Show' last night, but it seems someone wanted a piece without purchasing it.  Last night, someone stole a street panel that Plastic Jesus has been using as an ongoing canvas.

Is taking art from the streets okay or wrong?  Either way, does it seem more wrong when the art is stolen from the streets the same night that the artist has an art show?

Click the jump to check out the panel before it went missing.

Almost Like a Lover's Quarrel

This street set up looks almost like a lover's quarrel with an angry head of the dude from 300 screaming at a taciturn head from Kashink who says 'But I still love you'.

Kiosk - Like a Machine Autonomously Beyond Control

Kiosk RTH has been getting up all over Los Angeles for a long time, not just with one genre, but both graffiti and street art.

Kiosk's imagery features characteristic sharp angles and geometric shapes with his art, and the inspiration for the 'machines' in his pieces comes from technological machinery like drones.  Kiosk describes the impetus behind his art saying:  "My machines represent the power of technology and their ability to modify our daily lives, while augmenting and becoming apart of our identity. The spires are symbolic of another reality; the other reality created by technology. The sharp structure emphasizes the potential dangers of technological determinism and how machines function independently and autonomously beyond our control.”    

Click the jump to check out more assorted shots of Kiosk's personalized aesthetic getting up all over Los Angeles.

Dig it.  Stay up!~

Bothered Wearing Glasses

This dude looks bothered about something, wearing big glasses.

Dig the aesthetic.  Spotted in downtown Los Angeles.

Hard Hat Jimi Hendrix

Unusual piece here.  A Jimi Hendrix face piece was placed high up on the pole by Architect.

Then, someone felt that Jimi needed a hard hard.  The final result is atypical, indeed.

In downtown Los Angeles.

Get Up, Stay Up!

Pieces get pasted in downtown Los Angeles.

Stay up!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chod - You Don't Need This (Money)

Chod has done multiple pieces demonstrating a total disdain and unique dis-appreciation of money.

This new piece continues in that same theme.  Chod just put up a giant installation stencil piece on Melrose that says 'None of This is Real'.  The art piece is literally is made out of money, with over 500 single dollar bills of cold hard ca$h money went into the background of the piece itself.

The piece is like like a stripper fantasy~

Fascinating concept playing around with big money.  Do we need this?

Buck Up

Spank. gets up down low with a 'bucked up' sidewalk stencil.

Seizer One IS . . .

The previous post described what Seizer One is not.

This one describes what Seizer is.

Dig the way that the words shape Seizer's iconic face.

Click the jump to check out close up pics

Seizer is Not Defined By Celebrity Faces

This street art could be considered anti-street art because Seizer rejects the celebrity formula that many street artists, and people, think street art is.

Seizer defines himself in this paster as what he is not.  Not a celebrity   Not the Beastie Boys, Eminem, or Bob Marley.  And he doesn't think your face makes good art.

Well, at least not yet . . . (it says on the bottom).

As if jibing the poster, there is a head from Kashink on the side asking 'Are you sure?'.

Dig it, all the way around.  We are sure, street art is art, not celebrity fodder~

Kashink - And Then What Happened?

Kashink is up all over downtown Los Angeles with these hand painted heads.

Here are a pair of heads, each with its own saying too.

Dig it.  Let's go!

Bombed Like Your Mom

Bombed like your mom when she has a train going on~

Graffiti bombs in downtown Los Angeles from Pain, Nube, Herp and Dlae.

With a tag from Enik BTC up top.

Diabetes - Coming to a Child Near You

New posters serving as public service announcements of sorts.

One says 'Diabetes: Coming to a Child Near You.'  The other has an image of a drone and it says 'We're flying while you're dying.  Get Used to it'.  This seems to be the US Governments official policy on drones.

Both are scary, but true.

The drone piece is from Fuck.  Not sure who did the diabetes one.

Get Up, Stay Up!

Only a surviving corner remains of the once thriving Traction Art Wall in downtown Los Angeles.

Still getting up with action from Abcnt, Euth, Lazer, Kiosk, Sprouts, Calli Killa and much more.

Get a Job, Craig

Ebox in downtown Los Angeles.

With a Frida wheat paste from Vie 3 above a tag from Damage and riding next to another that says 'Get a job, Craig'.

Stay up!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

LOUDLABS - Culver City UPS

LOUDLABS Culver City UPS from LOUDLABS on Vimeo.

LOUDLABS just released a video capturing the action surrounding the installation of LL's recent humongous 16 foot street piece.

Dig it.  Stay UPS~

Sand One - Pop Up Shop

Sand One will be opening a pop up shop for one day only.

The action goes down on May 31st from 5-10.  Address and full information can be found on the flyer.

Close Up with Smug One

Glasgow based Smug One is hands down one of the premier graffiti portrait artists in the world.

The shading and rendering that Smug applies to his paintings is remarkable.  Here is a closer look at Smug's mean mugging mural in downtown Los Angeles.

It is fascinating to note how when you get close enough you can see the individual strokes of paint, and it makes it like anyone could do it.  But painting is kind of like cooking--everyone has the ingredients, but only a true chef can cook a masterpiece.  Same thing here.  It might look simple, but to mix the individual strokes in a way that comes together to form the delicious detail of a this Smug mural, well, it just shows how this is true art.

Dig it.  Stay Up and Stay Smug!~

Skateboarding is (Barely) Legal

Awesome sticker combo going up in downtown Los Angeles.  Slaps all over the place, and all over your face.

Including action from CMYK, Blestoe, Ekore, Datar, Spor, P Dog, Ohuno, Celos, Cyrcle, Stance, Endo, Abcnt and many, many more.  Including one we dig that says 'Skateboarding is (Barely) Legal'.

Stay up!

Los Angeles Drive-By Graffiti

Drive by graffiti pics from all over Los Angeles.

From the Valley to Hollywood to your Mom's house.  Huge pictorial of random spots.  Click the link to check out the action

"There are Plenty of These Stupid Spots All Over the City"

While spending a beautiful Los Angeles afternoon cruising the city and taking pictures of all its amazing art, on this particular day, M&F happened to encounter 2 different photo shoots using street art and/or graffiti as a background.

This is not unusual.  Most days there will be someone posing in front of any big mural, and that speaks to the art.  Everything from fashion shoots (like the one above) to photo shoots (like the one below) likes to utilize the streets for their background.  However, do these people always understand and appreciate the street art and graffiti they are using?

In general, not really.  This point was driven home when the model from the above shoot suggested hitting another location, and photographer responded "Let's do it! There are plenty of these stupid places around here!"

The disrespect the photographer showed demonstrates how most folks really feel about it.  Sure, they want to use the art as background but they don't give a shit about the art itself.  The art is just 'background'.

M&F has long been established as the most street of any street art blog anywhere.  We pledge to you that graffiti and street art will never be 'background'.  This is the most vital art movement the world has ever seen, and it will continue on unabated with or without 'stupid' fashion shoots or the photogs.  They are just trying to clutch at the fame that this genre is creating for itself.

Fuck the half-hearts and the luke-warms.  Street art is never background here.  M&F has the heart and soul of LA's street scene down for the true artists.  Maybe it should become our new motto, but when your back is against the wall, M&F has your back~.

Stay up, Los Angeles!

Luke Warm Tea

After spending some time outdoors in LA on the fence, the bright yellow yarn used by Minneapolis based street artists Hot Tea is starting to look a little dingy and not as bright.

Still, even if it is harder to see, the technique is quite impressive.  Made even more so by the elementary looking yellow tape piece next to it.

Kiosk, Branded, Smear - RTH

Three big heads from RTH who have been getting up in LA for a long time get up with some fresh work all over the city.

Most artists are either/or, but Smear, Kiosk and Branded are also some of the only heads, and the original heads doing both graffiti and street art.

Click the jump for a feature with pics from all over LA.

Go to Heaven from Aidz

The Aidz graffiti crew catches a burner at one of the hottest spots in LA--one of the side barriers of a suspended freeway bridge.

This is death defying shit catching these heavens.

Riding with Prevnt and Bonzi--living up to the name.

Stay up!

Occupy Joe Strummer

Paster in downtown Los Angeles saying 'Occupy Joe Strummer', but that is not Joe in the picture.  Not sure what's going on here?

With a quote up top saying 'Greed, it ain't going anywhere'.

Plastic Jesus - LA Art Show

Plastic Jesus opens a solo show entitled 'LA Art Show' tomorrow night.

LA Art Show will feature work from Plastic Jesus as well as a 'You Are Not Banksy' installation from Nick Stern.

Doors open at 6:30.  Full details can be found on the flyer.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pose for a Portrait

This is as sick as it gets~

Absolutely stunning graffiti wall in downtown Los Angeles from Smug One, Vyal One, Codak and Bonzai.

This is a hallmark wall, and the artwork literally showcases some of the most talented writers in the world.  LA is lucky~

Click the jump for a huge 15+ pictorial feature.  Stay up!

Its Only Easy When You're Good

Sticker from Jaber saying 'Stickers are easy'.

Well, its only easy when you're good.  With that said, guess Jaber does make it look easy~

Riding with double pieces from Gone, including graffiti as well as a box affixed to the side, and much more!

New Never

A brand new mural from Never 2501 in downtown Los Angeles.

Stuart Noble - Until We Meet Again

Intermixed with the Obey pasters on the the Stuart Noble tribute wall, there is also a personalized poster tribute to Stuart.

Clearly, this was made by someone who cares about Stuart.  It features photographs of him on either side, and a gold piece in the middle saying 'Stuart Noble - May 23, 1973 - May 17, 2013 - You are Loved - You are Missed - Until We Meet Again.'~

Tribute to Stuart Noble in the Downtown Art District

Stuart Noble was a major player in the Arts District, and a big supporter/paster upper of Obey street art pieces in Los Angeles and beyond.  Stuart passed away last week after getting hit by an automobile in downtown.  And now, there is an Obey themed tribute wall dedicated to Stuart on the Traction downtown Arts District wall.

The face of Andre the Giant serves as a canvas for friends and colleagues to write their goodbye's, and Stuart's unruly nature is reflected in his friend's well wishes for "Tossers Unite!".  But perhaps the sentiment shared most by everyone simply says 'Gratitude for your devotion to the arts'.~

Street Art Sham

With a warrior's pose grasping a paint roller, Sham is clearly ready for action!

Stuck up in downtown Los Angeles.

Gone - Naked Like a Poet Without a Pen

Gone MOCA gets up with some fresh hand painted 3d miniature boxes that have been affixed around the Melrose area.

Each one is uniquely decorated with drawings and words.  Apparently these boxes have a strong following, and there is a dedicated audience who collects these mini art pieces.

Click the jump to check out many more different 'Gone' art boxes and angles

Anti-Graffiti Drones Beginning in Germany

In LA, to find out what a street artist is doing, in large part, all you have to do is join Facebook.  The world of social media has sure made a strange new world where many street artists and graffiti heads posting personal details that would have been unheard of only a few short years ago.  But in other areas of the world, graffiti is still a serious business.  Germany is one of the most active street art and graffiti spots in the world, and it is a place where the artists try to stay anonymous and the authorities try to catch them.  And now, Germany plans to start using drones to find the artists.

The BBC News is reporting that Germany plans to start using anti-graffiti drones to gather evidence which could be used to prosecute perceived criminals.  The infrared drones plan to hover high above the ground and will be virtually sightless and soundless.

In the past, drones have not been allowed in public airspace because they violate privacy concerns.  But in Germany, the railways are run by a private company, so that issue might be moot.  The bigger issue is this is the first documented large-scale usage of domestic drones in an industrialized country, and the drone, which is weapon of war, has trained its first aim at the street art and graffiti community.

Yikes, indeed.

The American mainstream news has been awash with drone news lately.  Just last week President Obama admitted that drones are killing people worldwide, including Americans, and he also gave some flimsy rational for why such tactics are necessary.

Once in awhile M&F will weigh into the political realm, and here is an example of how the worlds of street art and politics do come together.

Stay aware.  Don't drone.  And Stay Up!~

Ain't No Hood Tougher than Parenthood

Graffiti piece from Vyal One saying 'Ain't no hood tuff as parenthood'.

This piece is bound to be a favorite for all the street art fans with kids.

Stay up in the (parent) hood!~

All You Need is Love, and Pot, and a Mohawk.

An ebox gets tagged with blue paint saying 'All you need is love'.

Then someone came along and with another requirement adding 'And pot'.

And with this shadow self portait, M&F might throw in there, and a mohawk~

Monday, May 27, 2013

I Still Believe in Us

Morley gets up with a giant paster saying 'I still believe in you.  I still believe in this.  I still believe in us.'~

Light it Up Like its On Fire

Dig the assortment of characters on this anarchist mural deep in downtown Los Angeles.

Anyone know the artists?

Irreverent Graffiti & Street Art

Revered gets irreverent with graffiti up with roller graffiti on Alameda, which has been riding for a few years.

Meanwhile, a giant Obey paster rides underneath.

Green Guy Graffiti

Dig this green guy graffiti in a downtown Los Angeles yard.

And is that a piece from Adze up top?


DAK graffiti taking over a building front in downtown Los Angeles.

Pieces from Arme, Mitor, Getoe and a shout out to Sal.


A ghost looking apparition in this dumpster paster from TBD.

Bandit - Never Shall Their Memories Fade Away

Bandit puts up a Memorial Day freeway tribute to all the fallen soldiers who have died serving this great country.

This piece is riding in Bandit's home town of San Clemente.  Bandit has been planning this piece for a long time, and it is very cool to see street art used in a way that gives back to society like this.

Dig it.  Stay up, and never let their memories fade away~

Sori for Bombing Your Van

Sori bombs a van in downtown Los Angeles.

With an exclamation graffiti piece on the building in the background, as if to drive home the point.

The Harsh Truth of the Camera Eye

Slammed up window with all kinds of tags and sticker action.  Lots of cool little stuff.  Dig the porn-ish sticker from Eight Bit One.

Click the jump for more!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Closer Look at the Colors

The intricate details and shading on this delicious mural from Neff and Apex deserve a closer look.

Here is a close up at all the cool little details in the mural.

Another huge feature.  Click the link below!

Color Explosion

M&F caught some working shots a few weeks ago, and here are pics of the finished mural from Apex One and Neff.

This piece is a literal color explosion on Santa Monica Blvd.

Click the link below for a HUGE 10+ pictorial feature.

Dig it~