Monday, April 29, 2013

The Boston Bombing is a False Flag by the US Government

M&F hates to get all conspiracy theory.  In fact, we hate that term because the word 'conspiracy' makes it sound like a bunch of aluminum cap wearing fanatics criticizing the government.  But when the available evidence is more compelling than the official public record, then good citizens should and must question what is happening, and make our own conclusions based on the best evidence available.  Searching for fact is not conspiracy, and in the case of the Boston Marathon Bombing, the biggest conspiracy seems to be the the way that the mainstream press has swallowed the questionable official explanation hook, line and sinker.  The amount of evidence stacked up clearly implies that the Boston Bombing not an example of random terrorism, rather a coordinated false flag attack by the US Government on its own people.

A 'false flag attack' describes covert military of paramilitary operations designed to decieve in such a way that the operations appear as if they are being carried out by other entities than actually planned them.  Here are some of the red flags that have been raised around the false flag Boston attack.

Before getting started, it is not conspiracy to look at the available facts.  It is conspiracy if someone forms a hard opinion--no matter what that opinion is--without looking at the facts.  So, before folks get crazy, just check out the ideas raised, and make your own conclusions about what makes more sense.

First of all, as the official FBI picture clearly demonstrates, the backback detonated in the bombing is different from the backbacks either of the two suspects are shown to be wearing.  The logo does match, however, the bag a paramilitary looking dude at the site was holding at the time.  That is pretty basic stuff, and pretty elementary.  The difference should be clear to everyone.  Look at the pictures above and below for yourself.

And the questionable issues just continue.  The 'hero' who reportedly had both legs blown off in the blast is identified as Jeff Bauman, but Jeff looks exactly like Nick Vogt, a former US Army Officer who had lost both legs previously in war.  Check out the pics below, because it sure does look like the same dude.  Futhermore, 'Donna' who was one of the witnesses to the bomb, is actually Dawn  Hochsprung who months before was reported as being the principal at Sandy Hook and died there.  Seriously.  Check out the pic below, but you can't make this shit up.  The craziest thing is that the mainstream media will broadcast the misinformation, but doesn't question it.

Furthermore, there are some websites set up showing a rather convincing frame-by-frame accounting of the immediate blast scene.  It does look like there is some coordinated behavior, and why is there no blood where limbs are missing?

If only it stopped there.  But also notice how both suspect brothers were taken into custody in relatively good health--both walked on their own towards the government enforcement entities.  However, once the brothers are seen again, the body of the first one is completely ripped apart (wtf!?), and the younger one had a 'suicide' shot through the back of his neck--which, even if it didn't kill him also makes it so the guy can't talk.  At first the government reported the second brother shot himself.  A few days later they admitted no weapon was found with the second suspect.  No explanation for a bullet hole through the back of the dude's throat has been given.

Not to get all conspiracy, but it seems like the conspiracy is what the government says happened.

As far as media goes, it makes one wonder if this is another final nail in the coffin for mainstream media. Mainstream media is scared to tell any story away from the official talking points, which forces people to look elsewhere for truth, or at least a story line that isn't complete bullshit.  Even though the Boston Bombings have nothing to do with traditional street art, because the main news sources are failing to provide the full story, as an alternative news source, M&F felt this was something important that needed to be shared.

It is extremely frightening what happened in Boston.  People are outraged, as they should be.  But shouldn't we make sure our outrage is aimed at the right place?   Don't these strange and suspicious circumstances require that we take a closer look at the Boston Bombings and try to find out what really happened?

^This is the first suspect as he is shown walking into custody.

Below is a picture of the same suspect's body literally ripped apart after arriving at the coroner's.

What. The. Fuck?

^The 2nd suspect shown climbing out of the boat, and he appears to be fine.

The next time he is seen he has a bullet hole through the back of his throat.

^Dawn Hochsprung back from the dead to make it on the news twice?  Seriously, media?

^Jeff Bauman sure looks exactly like Nick Vogt with added facial hair.

^Suspects shown running from blast--still carrying back packs.

You can't make this stuff up.

This is not the first time the US government has pulled a false flag.  But such conspiracies are getting harder to get away with, in this day and age, when everyone in public has a camera and so many forms of alternative media.  Where the hell is the mainstream media?

Furthermore, if the Boston Bombing provides a false flag distraction, citizens should be asking what is the bigger goal of this government conspiracy?


  1. wanted to inform you about Dawn (The Sandy Hook Principal)

    She died, the name "Donna" on the left side is referring to the NEW Principal who was at the Boston Marathon.

    This picture was just taken at an akward time.

    MYTH: Busted.

  2. It bums me out to see this on this site. I come here for street art.

    1. it is a street art blog. Yes.
      I agree that this information needs to be shared though. If one has the ability to spread a message, I feel it is also their responsibility. Thanks M&F

  3. Not sure where you got your info from, because you've got a lot of things mixed up. But, either way, longtime fan, but this is the last time I'll be on this site.

  4. Jeff Bauman are NOT the same people Nick Vogt

  5. No matter what you are the same kind fucked you already were. What you gonna do? If you are paying attention, you might have noticed that American anxiety is crafted in the media. You just jumped on board. Disappointing use of your podium.

  6. Yes this should not be on here even if you feel it is your civil right to expose. Start a new blog then.

  7. I agree, this doesn't belong here. Hope you can blame this post on being high as a kite and just paranoid. This is an internet frenzy, and you just fell for it.

  8. You are courageous to attempt to speak the truth. Even if it is possible all of the facts do not line up. It is probable that enough do to support one the idea that one more covert government action has taken place to accelerate the erosion of our freedoms.
    Speaking from personal experience, you do not know the danger you are putting yourself in for expressing the truth. You are probably under the illusion, as I was, that we still have freedom of speech in this country.
    I am not trying to scare you. Honestly. But in my case the government labeled me as a terrorist and started conducting massive surveillance. They did not limit themselves to this either. But I will not bore you with the details.

  9. Good for you! Expose the truth! Something's rotten in Boston and nobody wants to open their eyes and see. It's all false flags!!!!!!!

  10. stick with street art dude. no one cares about your conspiracy theories

  11. i visit this blog for street art, you've broken the trust of this reader by posting something that may or may not be nonsense. but it is totally irrelevant to street art. not the right venue man.

  12. Very poor choice in posting this. Please check facts.

  13. "M&F hates to get all conspiracy theory. In fact, we hate that term because the word 'conspiracy' makes it sound like a bunch of aluminum cap wearing fanatics criticizing the government."

    That's conditioning speaking. Careful semantic analysis of the term reveals no indications of falsehood or inherent association with mental illness. History reveals that conspiracy theories are very real. Only deep conditioning of public thought can explain acceptance of this conception of the term.

    That said the Nick Vogt is Jeff Baum line is complete BS. There's plenty to go on with out pulling that bit out of the collective ass.

  14. The US Government more and more since the turn of the last century has abandon the basic principals of God and these false flag terrorists is what we get.

    Furthermore they will take out of context certain portions of the bible to start trouble where there is none in order to make people pitted against each other.

    The Vietnam War was our major turning point away from God and our freedoms have eroded on an accelerating pace since and has tainted an otherwise innocent group of people to become rebellious just for the sake of rebellion.

    Even more we still have not gotten out of the Vietnam war rebellion mindset as seen in today's rude society where people no longer hold open a door or give up the front seat on a bus to an elderly person.

    The rude kids of today were born out of the hippy parents who rebelled during the 60s/70s.

    We are being artificially steered to think we either have to obey the government at all costs or go crazy and be rebellious to look *cool*.

    I often wonder if Time Travelers are causing this *War On Terror* to benefit themselves by causing incidents that would not otherwise happen.

    Enjoy the modern world! :)

    (Mumbles about stupid retards)

    1. Actual turning point: 11/22/1963, JFK assassination.

  15. The prime suspect should be the FBI. They are the ones running things from day one
    putting out mis information - selecting patsies - clearly a false flag-
    but no crisis actor victims.

  16. One thing you have to realize is that it's a documented fact that governments spend a great deal of resources on "disinformation", the intent of which is to mislead rational investigation and sway public opinion. This board and others are not immune to that, so continue to exercise critical thinking for yourselves people, and do not be swayed by red herrings, straw man arguments, and other bullshit that's being PURPOSEFULLY INJECTED INTO THE PUBLIC NARRATIVE. Focus on the KEY DETAILS THAT DO NOT ADD UP.

    Some Americans just can't believe that the ruthless power they've witnessed killing out towns in the middle east would ever dare to act for it's own interests and against them. They're poor students of history, as ultimate power and the lust for it always corrupts.

    Consider this:

    There were 2 explosions, yet we only have video and photos from one of them. Why? People are at a big event and have video cameras in their phones. Where's one phone video of the other bomb site?

    There are no visible shrapnel tears in the fabric of the many flags waving at the scene, yet there was enough powerful shrapnel to blow a man's legs off....?

    The backpacks of the two brothers


    Look at those backpacks then think about this: What if there was a second video of the other bomb site that showed a backpack that also matched the military mercenaries backpacks, and not the brothers'? What would the public think then? WTF are military mercenaries doing at an event like that anyway?

    They were doing what they usually do....WORKING FOR THE PENTAGON just like they always do. That's who pays them to deploy. You can't hire CRAFT or BLACKWATER to run security at your kid's prom, they get paid by governments. The Pentagon obviously also dominates the White House, hence the "war/regional hegemony rubber stamp" era we're currently forcing on the world, with Iran being the next target in their sights.

    There was a terror drill running alongside the actual event....once again for the 5th or 6th time since 9/11. This time it was a bomb drill, even published on facebook about a drill involving "an explosion across from the library". All well documented.

    The government's story keeps changing, they shot a friend of the brothers and said he had a knife, then they said he didn't, ultimately they shot him dead in his own house and he was unarmed. If that doesn't concern you, you have serious problems with understanding the constitution and what the concept of America has become.

    CRAFT military mercenaries were at the scene of the explosion just prior to it, conversing on earpieces and wearing black backpacks with a small white square on the top, exactly matching the bag that blew up...and moved to a safe proximity before the explosion went off.

    And now there's this connected government man (Richard Serino) who went from owning a failed construction company to being the head of FEMA who ends up being the author of this piece "Marathons-A Tale Of Two Cities And Running Of A Planned Mass casualty Event"...

    and for the icing on the cake, he's magically there when the "mass casualty event" actually happens.

    My question is, when will people begin to show the common sense it takes to recognize that things that happen in repeated patterns such as drills that run along side terror attacks (that there were pre-written papers and plans for) with forensic evidence at the scene and elsewhere that doesn't match up....are not coincidences!

  17. Here's how disinformation works:

    In the 9/11 "public narrative" the government's position is they "generously compensated the families for their loss"

    In the actual narrative, this 'benevolent' government made every one of those folks sign indemnity releases as a condition of receiving the money. That meant, you can't sue anyone for this, we're protecting the airlines and the security companies and the insurance companies/our Wall Street friends, and this is what your loved one's life was worth...take it or leave it...and furthermore...we're going to hide evidence, not testify under oath, conduct "sealed internal investigations" as though they had integrity. We all know they never do, just ask most of the 9/11 families how THEY feel. Maybe you remember the picture of the lady holding a sign that said "Lies" at commission convenings?

    This is disinfo by omission, with lesser facets of the story becoming highlighted as the main narrative. It's effective as support of the narrative, but it's the next kind of disinfo that does the real damage to the truth.

    Disinfo by deception.

    You want to control your opposition and blunt the common sense of their argument, you become your opposition and purposefully make a bad job of it. You insert something SO STUPID into the narrative, like NO PLANES HIT THE TOWERS and repeat it as much as you can, thereby tainting the movement by deceptively pretending to be stupid or crazy.

    Let me tell you why this works. If you walked into a green room, and everyone else in the room said it was a red room, at first you'd think they were crazy...then the social power focused against you would begin to give you doubts, if you're like a lot of people.

    They shake people's reality....make them doubt themselves. They're the omnipresently louder voice, Playing deadly games with people's sense of well being. Keep driving the message home. Make them feel powerless in their uncertainty...and they'll come to the security of their oppressor.

    The deceptions in this narrative surely include the legless man who was supposedly legless BEFORE the explosion, and like Lieutenant Dan got magic legs to walk to the marathon in and stand on...that also magically disappeared when the bomb went off.

    ....come on people. You gotta get better at recognizing the pollution of the truth when it first comes in. This was disinfo from day 1, designed to make people who can tell the difference between backpacks not want to say so to avoid association with the "Afghan Vet/magic legs" supposedly nutjob crowd (aka the voice of the perps)

    Folks.....again, it's a pattern. Recognizing the M.O. usually identifies the criminals.

  18. DHS admits Boston Training Drill and bakcpacks

  19. Bravo! Truth needs to be told at every opportunity. Enough lies are already floating around out there. I knew this was a false flag from start. Conspiracist of over half a century. Truth fanatic since November 1963. I know how these traitors think! Never fall for smoke and mirrors. Thanks again. :) Peace.

  20. we need to mobilize the people and demand further investigation on all false flags , and if the police stand in the way they are only proving there guilt.

  21. The picture of the dead man is not the first suspect they arrested it is the brother who was involved in the bombing. If you would pay attention to the news you would of known that. The pictures of Donna are clearly Photoshop and the same with the pics of the man who lost his legs don't take a rocket sciencest to figure out that. Seriously get a life no one wants to hear your compericy theories sorry but it happened so get over it.