Thursday, August 29, 2013

Legal Murals in LA a Little Closer (But Not On Your Own House!)

Legal murals in LA moved another inch closer to becoming an actuality in this city yesterday with the city council tentatively agreeing to lift a decade long band on murals in Los Angeles.

The good news is that store fronts might soon get more art, but the bad news is that the city voted for the opt-in approach instead of opt-out.  The opt-out would have allowed murals on all residential homes in Los Angeles, as well.  Municipalities that did not want it could vote to opt-out, if they chose.  The opt-in still allows for the individual areas to allow it, but they will have to pass their own laws to opt-in.  The rich areas supported the opt-in method, while the poorer areas in LA wanted the opt-out.  Guess which won?

Its cool that the new mural regulations are moving forward, but this serves as yet another example of why street art is still important--even with legalized public art.  Street art is an unfiltered voice visiting all neighborhoods regardless of income or rules.

Stay up, Los Angeles!

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