Monday, November 29, 2010

Hooked Up - Dog Byte

Dog Byte is one LA's top artists on the streets, and has long been one of our favorite artists. We were absolutely thrilled to get this pack full of all our favorite works from him.

From Ducking the Truth to Bomb Boy to Singing in the Rain to Filth Mouth to Sensei Humor and all the way back to the early OG skull stickers, these slaps capture the goodness we've come to love on the streets. The larger Bomb Boy is hand stenciled.

These stickers differ from most in that they are die cut-and the shape adds a lot aesthetically to in our opinion.

Dog Byte also hooked up some awesome prints-Filth Mouth and special limited edition artist proof print of Sensei Humor. It is a museum quality print that is made of special metallic paper that looks like gold leaf--only its silver. We would love to show it, it is so pristine and nice, in absolute mint condition, but the paper is so fragile that we didn't want to risk any damage unrolling it for pictures. We will post pictures once its up on the wall, but for now you will have to imagine just how dope it is.

Thanks again to Dog Byte. Truly special. We love it!

1 comment:

  1. dogbyte rocks. i hope he invades nor cal. although that is pretty far from melrose and fairfax. they should put his book at "family" store.
    mark in norcal
    no relation to the artist -- ok it depends how you define "no" and "relation" or "mark" or "norcal"