Sunday, November 28, 2010

MelroseandFairfax is BIGGER and BETTER than Ever~

After struggling many different ways to make the pictures show up bigger we finally got things fixed, and we are happy to announce that the pictures are BIGGER than ever, making the viewing pleasure BETTER than ever!!!

So if you want a better view, go ahead and click the pic. The size is much bigger.

Not all of the photos we have on file have been resized to be larger, so until we run through the pics we have, some will be bigger and some will not. Its fun to see. Like Gambling. So click a pic to see it big.

Go ahead.

Do it. You know you want to~

You can start here with these great pics from the Art Wall downtown. Love how all the art comes together. These are the big, general shots and there will be more specific shots to come.

Los Angeles Street Art from Yo Peace, Nomade, Free Humanity, Zoltron, Gats, Gridlock, StarPig, NMG, Cryptik, Calli Killa, Dog Byte, FREE MNDZ, Abcnt, Vigazzi and many many more artists.