Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TSF - This Sunset's Fucked

^Hand cut TSF sticker with Mr. Fangs and Bankrupt Slut

^TSF on BOTH boxes along with stickers from Gregory, Ricks, Smeer, Iker, Afla, Bankrupt Slut

^TSF, Phylo, Bran TRB, Branded, Bankrupt Slut, Serch, Wicker, FMS,

^hand cut TSF sticker

^TSF, Gregory, RTH,

^The cream rises to the top. Nearly every sticker up top is from a 'Best Of LA' finalist with TSF, SmogCity, Lust, Bankrupt Slut, Seldom Musik.

The Status Faction slammed Sunset recently, with stickers from the ground up to the sky.

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