Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Dethkills puts up some of their own art on the streets for the first time in a long time.

Followers of the blog know that we have been unimpressed with Dethkills art-killing corporate campaigns in 2010. We have covered far more Dethkills putting advertisements over art and crossing stuff out than we have of their putting out art on the streets.

But apparently Dethkills is not without fans, and we have received 2 email submissions for Dethkills as crew of the year. We were rather astounded as we have seen absolutely nothing that would deserve Dethkills being mentioned this year.

It seems that their past efforts have earned the respect of some folks in LA, and we would like to see more of the art that brought that in the future.

More art on this wall from Paroh, Bankrupt Slut, Save the City, Slob, Dump, Kruz, Glaboe, Join the Surveillance, Newt, JDI, Yikes, Sheep, Hidden Friends and more.

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