Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Banksy's Installation Gets Tagged At MOCA - Prove It

Banksy's exhibit gets tagged up at MOCA.

This sign that says 'Any Person Found Painting Graffiti On These Premises Will Be Reported (To The Nearest Art Dealer)', and someone came and added 'Prove It'.

This was spotted and sent in by Dave the 'Banksy Walker'. Dave has been to the MOCA exhibit 5 separate times, and with a keen eye noticed the difference, and had the pics to demonstrate. Thanks Dave!


  1. AWEsome! Always something new to see at MOCA.

  2. saw it this morning - my work had a private showing of the exhibit - wasnt allowed to take pics in teh Bansky exhibit because his "Helpers" were there working on the Camera bird piece and they wanted to protect their identities. (i betcha one of em might have been the man himself - i thought i heard a sort of familiar accent from the older guy)

    oh wells...pics to come