Sunday, July 24, 2011

Anthony Lister Art Show - 'Help Lost Hero'

Anthony Lister has been hitting the streets of Los Angeles with a street campaign featuring Help and Lost. The posters have been to hype a his upcoming art show 'Help Lost Hero'.

What is so interesting about this campaign is that it was done on advertising space and on top of advertisements. But since advertisers are usually tenacious about keeping street art off the adds and yet these pieces have ridden so long, it seems that Lister bought advertising space to orchestrate the street campaign. Aside from Skullphone's famed electronic billboard takeover, which, we have heard, was bought advertising space, this is one of the first times we have seen a street artist buy advertising space to get up.

As for the show, it opens this July 29th at HVW8 Gallery just off Melrose and will feature Lister’s street art on the subject of lost superheros. Presented by Junk Food Art House, complimentary food, beverage, and valet will be provided at the show. Complete show info can be found on the flier.

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