Friday, March 30, 2012

Desire Obtain Cherish - Is This Illegal?

Desire Obtain Cherish takes the battle concerning illegal billboards and street art straight at the billboard companies themselves.

These billboard spots are technically illegal, and only allowed through a loophole in the law that says promotions are okay. So the illegal billboard companies put some nonsense about a raffle around the border of the billboard, and then use the space itself for advertisements.

And DOC asks, if the billboards are illegal, is the illicit street art on them also illegal? And if they are both illegal, how come the city only prosecutes street artists when it can get buffed, but the billboards are there all the time?

***Thanks to John Wellington Ennis for the pics***

1 comment:

  1. I'm concerned it may fall into the trap of 2 wrongs making 1 right. I understand the concept and idea, I'm just not certain that pointing out the discrepancy Or hypocrisy does anything To further advance the rights or understanding of street artist to the law or the general public.