Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Giant Spiders in Los Angeles Are Ads, Not Art

A lot of people have been asking about the giant red spider stencils that have been showing up around Los Angeles lately. It is not a new art piece. The spiders are a guerilla street advertising campaign for the upcoming Spiderman movie, and the street spider is the logo.


  1. ugh. they infiltrated LA too!? it's such hypocrisy that "corporate sponsored street art" is ok, and then "legitimate street art" is not.


  2. Coulda sworn it was an amk stencil lol

  3. spiderman is a wimp

  4. 2 wrongs doesn't make 1 right. Our (street artist) argument, can NOT be Orwellian in nature!

    Is this illegal? Fuck yeah it is. Doesn't mean what you do is now legal, or less illegal.

    I thought we were against the status quo.

    Peace. Get up. Stay up.

    Signed X——— anon (b/c we aren't anymore "legal" than they are, and I refuse to use the enemies argument to justify and suck the life out of our calling).

  5. I actually LOVE this. It is Very much like The Dark Knight viral campaign from few years ago.

    Anyone who doesn't want to Hate and Join in the Fun and Get Free Swag can follow them on twitter and their site.