Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Snyder's Urban Garden is No More

Snyder's Urban Garden was an awesome concept.  Snyder used his art piece to incorporate a real live garden.  And Snyder also held a contest, and offered an original painting to a lucky winner who took a picture watering the plants.

Well, it was a great idea, but the plants didn't fare so well. Perhaps it was the shock of being transplanted, or this wall does get full sun all day long with the flowers up against the building, it might have baked them.  Whatever the reason, the flowers were starting to die.

While M&F swung by to capture some pics, some fans showed up.  We heard them say that the sign had already been taken, and they were thinking about taking Snyder's watering bucket, so we mentioned that we thought the bucket was supposed to stay to water the plants.  Apparently, they felt the plants were beyond help, or simply didn't care, because the guy shown with posing with the water bucket did end up walking off with it.

You know, it kind of feels like that fairy tale when everyone wants to eat the chicken's bread, but no one wants to help cook it.  Everyone seems to want Snyder's art pieces, but without fully getting on board with the project the artist is trying to do with that actual piece.  Regardless, Snyder is clearly on the next level with his art projects that engage the public.  Stay up and keep planting gardens~

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