Friday, July 27, 2012

Teacher - Old Schools vs New Schools

New 3d street art installation from Teacher.

The piece is a school composed of cardboard.  One side of the piece looks like an old schoolhouse, back when education was a priority and there was plenty of funding.  The other side shows what happens when schools do not have funding to operate properly.  And by the way 'skool' is misspelled, it is clear the low cost methods are not working.  Teacher says that one is the way it is, the other is the way it should be.

Dig it.  Stay up, and keep teachin'!

f a tribute to Ramiro. if you look at it from one angle all you see is cardboard with a drawing of a boarded up door and a sign over it saying skool. from the opposite side it looks like a nice 'old school' with plenty of money. one side is the way it is, the other side is the way it should be.... went a little photo crazy =}

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  1. As a college Prof, It is sad what the "kids" I get have as they enter in a place of public higher education as public education, in the K-12 system.