Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trustocorp Presents the Graffiti Briefcase

A few weeks ago, M&F put up a post noticing the unusual spray pattern putting up recent Trustocorp tags all over Melrose.  We noticed that it seemed like they were experimenting with new ways of getting up, and that's exactly what's happening.  Trustocrop hit M&F up and sent over pictures displaying their street ready graffiti briefcase.

Sure, there have been many art pieces with spray cans inside a briefcase that have been made as decorative pieces for art shows.  But other than Teacher's massive 9-er which is aimed for size not stealth, this is the only other one we have seen that has actually been used on the streets.

Discreet is the name of the game with the Trustocorp graffiti briefcase, and Trusto says that this is perfect for catching daytime tags.

We believe that this graffiti briefcase is not part of their upcoming art show 'The Future is Blight' opening April 13th at Lebasse Projects in Culver City.  It is not part of the show, because Trustocorp already has a bunch of cool stuff planned for the show like limited edition prints and poverty survival kits, which are to be released the night of the opening show only.  Dig it.  Stuff like this is what makes art shows fun, and Trustocorp always brings the extra interactive elements to make an art show a real experience.

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