Thursday, June 20, 2013

LOUDLABS - On the Streets

LOUDLABS is used to capturing news, but the became part of the news story when the footage LL caught of Michael Hastings running a red light shortly, and then the fiery car crash moments later.

Some people have accused LOUDLABS of being part of the conspiracy for being so close and arriving at the scene of the crash so quickly.  But M&F can attest that LOUDLABS has a knack for getting around Los Angeles and creeping the streets during the midnight hours, and just happened to be nearby when the Michael Hastings tragedy happened.

The footage LL captured of Hastings' car running a red light showed that no one was following him or other vehicles made him crash, and Scott Lane from LL even got interviewed on major news networks with his story.  Lane stated that he was not involved in any conspiracy, and he also mentioned believes that high speeds alone led to the crash.  However, conspiracy theorists are still propositioning that Hastings' car might have been micro-chipped, thereby causing the high speeds and brake failure leading to the crash.

As it is clear, LOUDLABS is all over the city of Los Angeles.  And even before the Michael Hastings car crash, LOUDLABS has already been working on a personal secret video project of their own.  LL plans to release a new edition of the Shuttle Project Video, the thing is, the video is not going up online.  The only way to see the new LOUDLABS video is by finding a special 2 GB business card/flash drive.  The card will be recognizable with the LOUDLABS graphics as pictured.  This is phase one.  Phase two will be putting the video onto DVD's and attaching the DVD's to canvases posted around Los Angeles.

Very cool how this project combines the digital age with on the streets personal experience.  So, keep your eyes peeled to the streets and possibly your nieghborhood bar for LL's Shuttle Project Video cards.  Because you know that LOUDLABS is already out on the streets . . .

^You've got to find the LL's cards, which will be stashed around LA, like Iggy in the bushes.


  1. guy was " where's the driver, where's the there anybody in there ? " also says, " is there... you saw him " she says, " i didn't see him. " next she says, " it exploaded . " he says , " it exploaded on impact. " wtf.... that's 3 times he put words in her mouth to support the governments narrative of the the events. guy is there to perpetuate the lie. why the hell would this guy want to take her statement? did you hear him try to build a rapport with her ? classic brainwashing techniques. tell her what words you want her to nice to her, make her feel important. did you also hear him say , " what kind of car is that...oh it's a mercedes. more feeding of information for her to recall later. does this guy remind you of anyone....? remember the crisis actor on 9-11 , right after the towers fell. he said " i witnessed the ENTIRE thing , from beginning to end, i saw this plane come out of nowhere and REAM right into the building, EXPLODING through the other side. then i saw the buildings collapse ( mostly due to structural damage because the fire was too intense. )i remind you this CLOWN off the street knew 5 minutes after the towers fell, why they the exact detail. that's a pretty amazing summation even if you were a structural engineer. this guy couldn't spell engineer, if i spotted him e n g i n e.....please , do they think we are that dumb. yes.. they are counting on the fact that 90 % of the sheepeople are as dumb as a box of rocks. sad.

  2. The very name "LOUDLABS" has a CIA ring to it. "LOUDLABS" certainly bears closer investigation, who runs it, who works at LOUDLABS, everyone & everything from top to bottom. Somethings very, very WRONG here.

  3. So now LL was creeping around at 4 am and just stumbled on the accident? What happened to the story about following a tip on Bieber crashing his car? Why has the story changed? Who owns Loudlabs?