Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Everybody Needs Some Love

The old lady walking her wheelchair in the background just got released out of the hospital, 3 days before this.  She was released after having surgery to treat her colon cancer.  Since she is homeless, now she has nowhere to go.  She was walking the streets trying to gather enough money to pay for a shelter to stay the night.  Yes, most homeless shelters cost money these days . . .

The lady looked rough, as one might imagine for one in her condition.  But she was well spoken while she explained how there are many more male homeless shelters than female ones, and she was having a hard time finding a place to stay.

It is shameful how America's social safety net has so many holes that there really isn't even a net anymore.  Where are our priorities? What good is it spending billions of dollars to fight foreign wars if we can't even take care of our own citizens stateside?

American needs to get its priorities straight.  It should not be a nuisance to take care of the homeless, but a badge of pride that our country can take care of all its citizens.

All of this drama playing out in front of a polka dotted 3d heart affixed to the ground in downtown Los Angeles.  Everybody needs some love . . .

Stay up, America~

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