Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ramiro Fauve Paints Los Angeles

Ramiro Fauve is a talented artist whose day job is hand painting massive public super graphic billboards--the ones that go on buildings.  If you've been in LA, you've probably seen Ramiro's work even if you didn't realize it.  Ramiro and a team of 5 other painters paints in such an uber-realistic manner, that it looks like a wrap or a print out, even though the entire thing is hand painted.

Here, Ramiro is enjoying some down time, literally and figuratively, painting a beautiful portrait of his dog, a husky, on the sidewalk in LA's downtown Arts District.

Shasta liked the dog picture and kept walking over it.  Oops!

Dig the way that Ramiro Fauve paints LA.  From the sidewalk to the building tops.  Stay up!

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