Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Graffiti in Victorville, California

Victorville knows whats up.

As MelroseandFairfax continues on our roadtrip, we've had the opportunity to see some graffiti in far off places. And even though Victorville is a small town, it appears to have a vibrant graffiti scene, much stronger than the town size would suggest.

We only drove the main strip (looking for gas- this is NOT the place to get gas, we drove the main strip from one end of town to the other and did not find a single gas station!?) but we did see a lot of graffiti, from big rooftop buildings, to throwie's on trucks, to tags and stickers. ITS really stood out with a strong paint and sticker game.

Enjoy the flics~

Its Bomb up top, Gyte? truck throwie, Die tag

Emund?, D3KO, 8CP, WOR, STK, CB, AC, and ?tag


Ahead etch. Grimey.

LA OG Filuts? Sew

6636r, Soar, Auro, Fulpem?


  1. Victorville-Graffiti up here is diffently surprising to a lot of people that expect none to be here. Thanks for giving props to our scene. The top photo ITS(crew) is a youngster named YAK.
    the "GYTE?" in question is actually another young crew GSTF. the unknown tag is NICKS a older landmark spot. You went down the wrong side of town by one exit Bear Valley Rd. has lots of gas stations.the new generation kids and crews are putting in there work but there is some legit older crews out here(UA,BLM,MTK,OTM,CFK,AC,) and some good yards with full color peices. if you ever out this way again come stop by my shop Toys Rnt Us Graff Supply located inside the bear valley shopping plaza (conor of bear valley and cottonwood) 760-486-0704 -NOCOMP62

    1. I remember all the older crews very well but what did mtk stand for? Also anyone remember HSJ? They were in A.V. in the mid to late 90's , anyone know what that stood for?

  2. and the second picture up from the bottom is located in fontana, i believe

  3. Can't forget CBK, MOBK..

  4. xanax 38rrrrrrrrrrrrr

  5. yo just moved out to victorville see what the tow has to offer