Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ricky Gervais - Still Making Trouble

Ricky Gervais did a hilarious and controversial job hosing the Golden Globes last week in Los Angeles, and apparently he is still stirring up trouble.

Ricky decided to leave his mark on LA with some scorched earth. After all the pundits rehashed his performance to death, Ricky gets the last word, with a brilliantly timed piece of graffiti saying 'RICKY GERVAIS WAS HERE' on the Beverly Hills Hilton . . .

We can't verify whether this was truly done by Ricky or not. Rumor has it that he is back in New York, while other rumors still place him in LA.

What is certain is that this is another display brazen behavior, also delivered with the same tongue-in-cheek, trouble causing humor we have come to love from Mr. Gervais.

Banksy would be proud~

***UPDATE: The wall has been buffed and can be viewed HERE***

^Ricky while getting dressed for the Golden Globes. This guy has style for miles~