Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love War?

Man, this piece we had high hopes for.

When we first saw the piece, it was a quick look from the car, and it appeared to be one of Dethkills' pasters. We were impressed because it looked like they had quit going out of their way to cap other artists, and had actually started treating the streets with respect. Made a special trip just to photograph this spot, and the whole way down we were planning out how to write the article to welcome DK's back to the community. It was actually a big let down once we reached this spot, and realized that it was not the case.

We are not sure what exactly to think about this 'heart' war stuff by unknown artitst?


  1. Makes an interesting statement.

    Somebody has a lot of fonts.

  2. pretty sure Mar made that....

  3. I think its a powerful message. Nice one!

  4. Deth kills, but so does war.