Thursday, May 24, 2012

Snyder - Art Connects People and Develops Culture

Snyder just placed a life size 3d sculpture on the streets of North Park Sand Diego during a massive city festival.

He sculpted the piece from his own body and then dripped dozens of colors of paint to decorate it.

Snyder shot these pics of the piece on the streets, and it is really fun to see all the reactions of people interacting with the piece.

 Snyder also detailed a bit about his creative process. From Snyder: Once my art has finished the preliminary creation stage, I shift to the installation stage. This is when I begin scouting for locations. Once a location has been found, I install the piece. At this point I observe the unsuspecting public's reactions, and if successful, the public's interaction. 1. Prepped art 2. Scouting potential locations 3. Implementation of art into public space 4. Public interaction Dig it. Stay up and keep connectin'!

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