Thursday, November 29, 2012

Amazing Gothic House in Venice - El Bordello Alexandra

An amazing gothic themed house in Venice.   Fully adorned with gargoyles, female devils, and outdoor paintings.  Apparently this is a hotel where people can spend the night. . . . if you dare! (bom bom bom)

 A quote from the people running the Bordello describes the place as such:  Our landlord is the dungeonmaster from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. The laundry is in a gilded cage on the roof bedecked with jewels and encrusted with red rubies, blue hearts, yellow moons and purple horseshoes. To enter the laundry room you must roll a nine or higher and forfeit 20 stamina points. We are all mildly psychic. We all have cats that are psychic. The guy at the end of the hall has a pet dragon. The guy at the end of the hall on two is a dragon. We are situated two doors away from the Morrison Apartments where Jim allegedly wrote a few Doors tunes and partied on the roof [photo]. We all wear armor to bed, excepting dungeonmaster.

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