Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jaber - Forget Internet Fame

Forget about internet fame.  Forget about all the dudes who do 5 pieces of art and then blast it on Tumblr like they have a name.  Jaber has been earning a name on the streets for longer than some artists have been alive--and he is still one of the most active names in the game.  Few can compare to the ups that Jaber has got and how is is killing it worldwide.

Not only does Jaber get up everywhere, but he is also pioneering new techniques.  Sure, plenty of dudes have used customized paint sprayers, but have you ever seen one that is so clean with such a fat cap?  Its like hand tag blown up 1000 times.  The method is Jaber's secret recipe.  Shots captured from Downtown Los Angeles.

Dig it.  No one has earned it more . . . Stay Up!

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