Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Livin in LA - Vacation in Venice Beach

Venice Beach is M&F's unofficial home away from home.  Venice is only a half hour drive from Hollywood, and it is the perfect place for a quick day long vacation.

Venice Beach is also one of the hottest tourist beaches around LA, and on any given day the beach and the boardwalk will be filled with thousands of tourists mulling through

Venice was recently rated as the most expensive area to live in LA, and also the best place to see a celebrity.  Venice is also home to the RV people, wild homeless locals, and the worst place to have dudes pester you about rap music that you never want to listen to.

The street art and graffiti scene in Venice is one of the strongest in LA.  Many West Side locals hold it down, and it is also a place where nearly every artist from all over LA, and maybe the world, will visit at one point or another.    There are some trademark Venice art murals, and this post does not cover them specifically.  Rather, this captures a day spent in Venice--and we did see a celebrity!

^ Paparazzi trying to snap a shot of Michelle Monaghan as she stepped into the van.  Michelle walked right by M&F but we didn't have the camera out at the time.  She was pretty, but there were prettier girls in Venice this day!

^A tourist biking in Venice along the bike-way.

^The beautiful Venice Beach beach with the Santa Monica mountains in the background~  Yes, that is a topless sunbather, albeit front down.

^Trisha Rey has loooong legs.

^Two lovers--the shadows almost look like a Banksy piece or something.

^Cock Rock shadow play.

^ Silhouette of two lovers on a double bike.

^More filming of Michelle Monaghan's movie.  She was not in this scene.  These are all actors composing the background movement for the shot below.

^These two having a conversation were the scene being filmed.  (That is not Michelle Monaghan--maybe it is a body double because this girl looks similar to Michelle)

^And this guy is always on Venice.  Except once, when he was spotted on the Sunset Strip.  Another Venice Beach regular, the American Flag speedo dude, was not around this afternoon.

^Grabbed a vegan smoothie at Moments.

These guys were out having an outdoor jam session.  Just because.  The sounded great.  And right after this, M&F bumped into street artist and pro-skater AMK.  Small world.  Stay up in Venice~

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  1. Creative photos with shadows :D It seems you enjoyed the vacation. Congrats!