Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Streets are Always Changing - and Here's Proof!

The streets are always changing, and here is on-the-street proof of how quickly things change.

This picture was taken of a parking sign in Silverlake.  There is a wooden heart from Korsen affixed to the pole, and also some other stickers.

One of the stickers lower down on the pole is a picture of a photograph that was photographed of the exact same location.  It was printed out, and then brought back to this exact location.  Which is cool in its own way.  And it got even cooler when another huge sticker from Shie 47/Serch went up, demonstrating with street proof how the streets are always changing.

Click the jump to see close of pics of what is going on here!

^This is the photo of the same location, turned into a sticker and placed on the same pole again.

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