Sunday, August 11, 2013

Plastic Jesus - Buyer Bombing

Plastic Jesus just instigated some 'product bombing' around Los Angeles.  The interruptions centered around the placement of 'Useless Plastic Boxes' around Best Buy locations in LA.  The installations come complete with custom made placards designed to perfectly imitate the real thing.

Plastic Jesus says that these pieces were motivated by deeper concerns about consumerism.  Plastic Jesus says that:  We are sold these gadgets in a way that makes us think that THIS new gadget is THE one. The piece of kit that will transform our lives. How often do we pay out hundreds or thousands of dollars and in-fact the product will not do much of what it is claimed. The frustration these things actually create in out lives is far greater than any possible benefits. It's only once you've purchased the item and you try to set it up and use it, often faced with long phone calls to overseas call centres, speaking to 'help desk' staff who read from scripts and leave us more frustrated.

We all need to make a strong statement to gadget manufacturers and demand products that work and customer support that actually support the customer and not the profit of the companies...

Dig it.  Useless product bombing.  Wonder if any of these sold?  

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