Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Alec Monopoly Back on Melrose!

Alec Monopoly is back on his home turf of Melrose!

Alec hits up the huge wall at De La Barracuda with multiple Monopoly Men getting up all over.

Alec has been all over the world with his art.  It feels good having Alec back on Melrose~


  1. Nice!! I dig this stuff. Though you probably know this. and maybe the drips are on purpose. Cornstarch paste seems to be a little less noticeable on black. Also, Watered down wood glue.
    Check it out

    1. dude, you know he painted this right?

  2. Ooops. I did assume the drips might have been on purpose. To be honest I thought he pasted it but from seeing his other work I should have known. Great stuff!

  3. So wheres the composition of this piece? Or is it just a bunch of random Monopoly characters? Pathetic.

  4. Duh, we all love Alec because he stole our childhood board game images! DUH!