Thursday, June 21, 2012

Don't Quit Your Day Job Buffman! (This Buff Sucks!)

A strange buff indeed as white paints over much of the art wall, but not all of it?

The buff does not appear to be from the city either, based on the color of paint (the city buffmen roll around with vans full of a rainbow of drab).

It seems that Man Beast calls the buffman out writing 'Don't Quit Your Day Job Buffman! (This Buff Sucks!)'.

On Melrose.


  1. lol! #irony
    fucking brilliant!

  2. Awe poor wall :/ its now an eyesore

  3. I believe Casio is to thank for this one. "#irony" makes the whole thing funny as hell.... because it sadly IS the buffman's day job. Poor buffman.

  4. Earl says, "aaaaaah, the smell of fresh canvas".