Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Animal Activists (and Mutts) Against Mitt Romney

It might be a good idea for dogs to invest in this year's political process.  Obama famously selected a family dog through suggestions from the public once elected, while Mitt Romney has been criticized for his judgement in strapping his dog to the roof of his car for a day of driving to go on vacation.

There are a bunch of animal supporting bumper stickers on the back of this car near Melrose.  One says 'Mutts Against Mitt' (Romney), another reads, 'Cats nap.  Only Humans put them "to sleep"', some pit bull best friend stickers, and even some home made signs taped on that say 'Stop Slaughtering Us'.

The animal loving owner of the car was actually sitting in the car while we took photos, and as we walked by she eagerly asked if we like them.  We do.  And the world would be better if more people were kinder and properly took care of animals.

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