Monday, October 29, 2012

Massive Sticker Combo at 33rd Third

The inside and outside of graffiti supply store 33rd Third is slammed with a massive sticker combo.
(Click the link for more!)

Note--M&F went here looking for some supplies but we are still looking.  Anyone know where to score a pre-made thick-tipped black paint marker?  (We've also tried the Ironlak store, Blick and the barber/graff shop on Fairfax--but can't find any anywhere . . .)

As for these photos, the sun was shooting directly into the building causing a severe glare and light transition--but it is clear from the shots how slammed this spot is.

***UPDATE: Thanks for the tips on the markers.  33rd Third did have some smaller tip markers in stock, and the 94 markers in florescent green and pink but not in black. They did have the Ironlak fat tip marker, but those have problems with leaking.  Will try Graph Aids!***


  1. Were they out of them or just didn't have the width you were looking for? Last time I was at 33 they had the Montana 15mm, and I've seen the 50mm at either 33 or Blick or maybe just saw it online.

  2. Graph aids where la cienaga meets fairfax. They got it all. Plus they got retna on the outside.