Monday, October 29, 2012

Snyder Gets Up in Costa Rica!

Snyder recently made a 'vacation' to Costa Rica.  'Vacation' has been placed in quotation marks because Snyder is a working artist, and since doing art is what he loves, Snyder gets up even on vacation.

In addition to his previously posted Bathroom Bombing, Snyder also got up all over on the streets of Costa Rica with everything from colorful wheat pastes (featuring Snyder's iconic Drip-Stencil aesthetic) to stickers to hand painted graffiti pieces on walls.

Click the jump for more M&F exclusive pics and action shots.  And you can read about Snyder's full story of Snyder's vacation over on Carlsbad Crawl.

Awesome stuff from Snyder.  Stay up!

***All pics thanks to Snyder Photography***

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