Monday, October 22, 2012

Obey - Blurring the Lines between Corporations and Street Art

Obey has long been blurring the lines between street art and running a corporation.

Well, this new item seems to take that confusion to a new level.  This is an actual tag from actual Obey clothing, which has been taken and hung on the streets.  The back of the tag has the Obey Manifesto right above the shirt size.

What do people think?  Is there a difference between Obey the street artist and Obey the clothing corporation?  Does one belong on the streets and not the other?  Is commercial success selling out? Or not?


  1. Commercial artist/illustrator (former street artist). Seems hypocritical to use public space to advertise while criticizing others for doing the same thing. He has been selling shirts, stickers, and skate decks since the late 1990's. I see as many kids wearing his shirts as DC or Vans. Lied in Federal court too, which certainly exposes his flexibility with the truth. Pretty much over the Obey Brand.

  2. I think what this guy has built is awesome. Not a fan of his product line by any means but look! He did it his way! and the credibility comes from the fact that he did it on the streets. He put in his time and work. Yeah yeah the guy lied but we have all bent the truth or flat out lied so that holds no water at all here.....especially because he admitted his guilt. I don't know who you are Anonymous person but it is safe to say that you are a pretty smart person and maybe to too smart to be putting out negative energy in to a world that has enough. Shepard F. gives you, me and others a little hope and I would even go as far as saying that maybe? Just maybe? he has restored a little faith in the go out there and make your dreams come true because it can happen with some hard work and dedication!
    Enough with the negative! There is room here!!

    ps- Hypocritical for advertising on public spaces? Well I'd rather see your art, Shepard's art or heck anyone's art on the public walls before I see another Live Nation, Chevron, Carl's JR. or freaking Yahoo and Google advertisements.
    Peace to you Anonymous whom ever you are Brother/Sister :)

  3. Where is the negativity in my first statement? I fail to see anything but a statement of facts. At this point Shepard is retired from street art. He was already on probation when he received his federal sentence. His wife won't let him put up anymore illegal work. He can do some legal permissions/commissions but that's it. He's a hard worker, and a celebrity so I am sure he will be in the spotlight still.

    PS. What might be negative is the request for peoples opinions on the artist, as it is likely that some people dislike his work. I'm not trying to be a hater, but I have been watching the show since it started and it is very interesting the directions it has gone.