Saturday, December 29, 2012

Don't Cut Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face

This mural from entitled 'Happy Holidays' from KH no. 7 got tagged by graffiti letters recently by the SYB Crew.

Well, someone didn't like the graffiti addition, and it looks like they took a pressure cleaner to the wall to get the graffiti off.  The buffing did remove most of the graffiti, but it also took away the mural itself, along with several other layers underneath.  The end result looks like a giant scribble across the lower section of the mural, and the buffing is not an improvement.

No doubt that whoever did this was trying to save the mural.  But this looks like when the city buffs a wall with sloppy unmatching paint.  Sure, the offending mark is gone, but it looks messy and worse than before.  As the saying goes, 'Don't Cut Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face'.

After all that, ironically enough, the SYB tag on the right hand side is still riding.

On an unusually rainy day on Melrose--M&F got caught in a bit of a thunder storm, even with thunder and lightning!


  1. it would be great if SYB showed us some talent rather then destroying work by hard working, incredibly talented artists such as KHNO7and Snyder.
    SYB is like a planters wort on that wall. (;

  2. the rigid ego holds no wisdom. The streets are a open forum, expressive. drop the hate, much love to all those that create, it's bigger than your ego. happpppy new year!

    1. wise, but no grammar. it should be "an open forum" not "a open forum". careful not to be too wise, you'll end up an idiot. happpppy new year!

  3. skate and destroy!

  4. But why does he get those spots? Because he’s legitimatized in the popular art world? I mean fuck…. My shit gets covered up all the time… Who’s doesn’t? I think someone that kills the streets gets covered up/dissed/buffed/whatever more than he does… Get used to it!