Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lucky 13 Scavenger Hunt

If you didn't get enough goodies in your stocking from Santa this year, don't worry, the gifts keep on coming.  Starting in January, Lucky 13 will be hosting a multi-location scavenger hunt throughout Los Angeles.  There will be over 13 hunts with art by some big names in LA's street scene.  You can find out all the details over on the Lucky 13 Scavenger Hunt Facebook Page.

Sounds like a good time.  Good luck and happy hunting!

Read the official press release below:

Join the folks over at Lucky 13 Scavenger hunt throughout January 2013 for the chance to win some amazing art from LA’s biggest names on the street art scene as well as prizes from up & coming artists. There will be 13 hunts sprinkled throughout the month- the first kicking it off on New Year’s Day- with grand prizes from the likes of Leba, Gregory Siff, Army of One and many more. Why stop there!? Second place winner prize packs will also get a chance for some goodies fromMorley, Never Lego & Stay Up! LA Street Art Book. We’ve got tons more but you’ll have to wait for the full roster to be announced when the hunt gets in gear. This is your chance to score fresh art from some folks who don’t normally have scavenger hunts! Don’t let it slip by you, your favorites are probably on the list so stay on top of things over at our facebook page You can find us on Instagram and twitter too- @lucky13hunt


  1. Why are street artists the only artists who give their work away for free? Is it because it's worthless to begin with?

    I don't see any carpenters, mechanics, accountants, lawyers, landscapers, designers, or dentists hiding gift certificates for free services around the city.

    Think about it, you're lowering market value for everyone. Why buy street art when you can just get it for free?

    1. carpenters, mechanics, accountants, lawyers and just about everyone else does donate free work once in awhile for a good cause

      since when is street art about market value anyway?

    2. what is the good cause behind a "street art scavenger hunt"? It's not like carpenter's habitat for humanity or a lawyer doing a case pro bono based on civil rights.

      All these same artists sell work in galleries, hence there is a market value for them. I will not buy their work when I can get it for free. If you're good at something, you should get paid for it.

      If I already own work from these artists, what a shame to flood the market with more work for giveaways.

      If you want to "share your art as a gift" just wheatpaste more posters around public areas for all to enjoy.

      There is a business behind art, think about it!

  2. dang! i'll be in LA in Feb not Jan :(