Sunday, December 23, 2012

M&F's Reach is Deep

M&F is based around Melrose and Fairfax, but our reach is much farther, literally reaching out to every corner of Los Angeles.

Here are some pics of a cool Mexican/American shared pride mural deep in the Valley.

Even though it is only 45 minutes away, it feels totally different from Hollywood.  It is much poorer and there is not glitz and glam like in Hollywood, but there are also plus sides.  For instance, there is plenty of non-metered parking.  So much, in fact, that this car is sitting on the street with only 3 wheels on its tires.  Shasta is pulling on the leash to try and chase a stray cat under the car.  Click the jump to see more pics of Shasta getting a cat chase, and the mural itself.

^Shasta squaring off with the cat after chasing it out from under the car.  This was the extent of the confrontation.  Shasta just walked away and the cat is fine.

^This is backstreet California.  Cactus, semi's and murals.

^Very cool to see the shared Mexican/American pride.

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