Saturday, December 29, 2012

Iggy the Cutest Street Art Cat-on-a-Leash

Qtip has earned a name for herself as the 'craziest' street art cat on a leash, but when you snooze you lose. Ever since Iggy joined the M&F family, it has been difficult to take both cats down to Melrose at once. (Both cats still go for on-leash walks regularly, just closer to the house.)  However, this day Qtip slept in late, so Iggy made her way down Melrose to experience the wild world of graffiti and street art.

If Qtip is the craziest cat on a leash, Iggy is the 'cutest'.  Iggy is nothing but a sweetheart as she explores the streets.  Iggy is an albino so she has so problems with her eyes.  She is really sound motivated, and all you have to do is call her name and she will come running up to you, like in the shot above.

Click the link to check out more of Iggy checking out Melrose

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