Friday, June 7, 2013

Daft Punk - Faces Revealed!

The music duo Daft Punk is one of the top electronic acts in the world, and they have risen to fame by always wearing helmets.  In fact, Daft Punk had never been seen without helmets on, which added to the mystique surrounding this pair.

Well, Daft Punk without helmets had never been seen . . . until now. . .

A fellow electronic music group, The Knocks, recently released a photo of un-helmeted Daft Punk playing champagne pool pong at the Sony headquarters (click below to see the pic).

So what does this have to do with street art?  Well, just like street artsits who maintain an anonymous profile, the artwork takes on a life bigger than that person or creator.  Daft Punk was awesome and confusing and they played the guise so well that some people even accused them of not being human, but robots.  A huge part of their appeal was based on the mystery of the helmets, and no matter what people imagined was behind those masks, it is much less exciting to actually see that Daft Punk is really some regular looking middle aged dudes playing drinking games.  The raw truth is never as cool as an awesome fiction.  The same goes for street art.  When a street artist steps out of the shadows and comes out as a real person, there might be some alternative benefits to that, but at the same time, that street artist is sacrificing cool points and the power of mystique.

Furthermore, just like on the streets, news outlets are calling The Knocks snitches for outing Daft Punk.

The moral of this story is that it is more powerful to remain anonymous, and anonymity constitutes the street code of conduct to live by.

Stay powerful.  Stay anonymous.  Never snitch.  And stay up!~


  1. Rolling Stone published a cover article on Daft Punk that showed pictures of them without their masks. You can also do a simple Google image search and find plenty of pictures like the one above. This is definitely not the first time images of them without their masks has appeared.

  2. They played Chicago in '97 without helmets, there is video as well as pic so this isn't breaking news. But funny the "knocks" choose to try and ride the Daft wave for publicity, there are plenty of other masked EDM acts out there just none as big. What wankers...