Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Banksy Shows Up On Ebay

This sale on ebay is kind of funny. It is a smudge taken from the pastels of Banksy's Crayon House Foreclosure.

I guess that, just like with a Banksy taken from the streets, there is a big question of authenticity.

The starting bid is $99. For better or worse, we expect someone will buy it.

And this second Banksy sale on ebay is downright ridiculous. It is the sale for a cone that was set in front of Banksy's Crayon House Foreclosure, or a 'Banksy Cone' as the description says.

**Thanks to Jeff Sergeant and Justin Kees for the heads up**


  1. when i went to check it out the first day it was up i was rubbing on it to see what kind of paint it was and a big oh chunck came off...i was like oh shit this shit is still fresh...its oil pastel and it got all over me..but im not gonna sell my dirty clothes on ebay like these idiots...haha the black paint was still fresh too...

  2. i asked the seller a question about the item: "do you have no morals?"

    disgusted and ashamed of my hometown of LA

  3. really? the pastels from a Banksy? now I'm waiting for someone to put some of the blades of grass that are growing around this piece to be put on sale.

  4. This is so stupid...What a kooke!