Thursday, January 20, 2011

Epic Los Angeles Street Art (Pt. 2/2)

^Street art from Free Humanity, Leba, Koffinz, Alec, stickers from Bankrupt Slut, and tag from CostC

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This building is the remains of The Old Spaghetti Factory, but we like to think it is some classic, impressive building, more like The Colosseum (not The Coliseum).

We are not sure exactly where this is located, but if you drive Sunset through Hollywood it can't be missed.

Bankrupt Slut and ASVP up front with an Obey installation in the background.

^new stuff from D Young V and KilleD

^Stickers in the foreground from Toaded, Intro, Mr. Fangs. Pastes in the background from Obey and KilleD. Even through he is gone, the shadow of Army of One's Grenade Boy still remains. And you can clearly see the buffed nun in this pic. Was it done by a street artist? Why?

The full front view- with art from X, Obey, KilleD, Bankrupt Slut, ASVP, Alec Monopoly, Zombie, Inept and more.


  1. This beautiful bldg was the first Hollywood museum (in 1928!)and later KNX radio's studios before CBS built Columbia Sq Maybe this is another chance to save it. 5939 Sunset Blvd

  2. Great shots G.....we love this building which is On sunset not to far east of Ivar st........great bars and lounges directly across the street , so you can have cocktails after you get up/
    its a little tricky now that they have fenced off the whole area.........but the Streeters find a way .........yes our Ghost haunts that old palace and hopefully he will make a guest appearance there in February..........KEEP UP THGE GREAT WORK G..........jc2