Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pics From Desire Obtain Cherish's First Solo Art Show

Simply put, amazing~

Desire Obtain Cherish recently opened their first solo art show, and the work is absolutely amazing. Each of the pieces is solid, and could be the feature piece for most exhibitions.

The Marilyn Monroe piece is absolutely amazing. It is composed of 3000 individually wrapped pills to make the image. Stunning.

And dig the recycled American Flag pieces.

Truly an outstanding show. You can still see the Desire Obtain Cherish art show at Lab Art.


  1. I wanna smoke some of what they have.

  2. funny how you put this gallery on blast and talked shit on the artists for "selling out" and now youre there taking photos and promoting it. you talk so much shit and then back down if you think itll benefit you somehow.

  3. How does putting this gallery "on blast" benefit M&F? Seems like it would benefit the artists and the gallery.