Saturday, August 27, 2011

Krushed Back

Last week, M&F broke the story about how some hired goons posted rave and DTA advertisements right over some beautiful murals in Los Angeles--twice. First they capped over a gorgeous hand painted piece by Anthony Lister, and then when Krush and Dame from MSK came and painted some sick burners at the same spot, the wheat pasting illegal advertisers posted right over the pieces, less than two days later.

Members of the graffiti community were not happy and spoke out against the bullshit that was happening. It was like these companies want to get street cred at the same time they were disrespecting the streets. But since the DTA and the rave company's owners have roots in the street community, when big hitters like Saber started tweeting about the bullshit that was going on with the advertisements, the owners of the companies at hand came forward to handle the situation.

The companies apologized and said that it wouldn't happen again. The street crew that put these up got fired. And the companies even bought the paint for Krush and Dame to return to the spot and paint a new piece.

Krush and Dame did return and just knocked out a dope tribute piece to Kase2, the 'King of Style(s)'.

Glad this got resolved. And it was really powerful to see the streets work to police themselves.

Stay up~


  1. Dope. Resolve through walls.


  2. saw them painting it


    great to see

  4. Respect to the owners; glad to see this resolved in such a way.

  5. amazing work! love it. inspiring story too.