Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Are You Morley? . . . I Am"

Funny story happend with this shot, and wish Morley were there himself to describe it.

When we stepped over to snap the picture, one of the parking attendants (not the one pictured--maybe it is the uniforms but another attendant who looked like this guy's brother said 'Hey did you do that? Is that you?' We told him no and snapped another picture. 'Do you know who it is?' he asked. 'The guy's name is Morley' we told him. We turned and started walking back to the car when the guy called out, 'Hey, its me. I did that!"

Lol, so we got to meet Morley, and he looks nothing like the guy on the pictures! Lol.

Interesting piece from Morley that says 'Please come home soon. Our blankets are losing your smell.'