Saturday, August 27, 2011

Buff Love

Love Me gets up on this building on Fairfax. And while we generally 'love' the aesthetic from Love Me, he sure has a way of hitting a building in a way that almost insures it will get buffed.

This combo wall has been riding for months, and changing and developing as it goes along. But to spray paint over windows and across a whole front of a building is decidedly more of a 'vandal' aspect, and it is a move that even most graffiti writers do not engage in. Just guessing, but bet this wall gets buffed soon.

Up with fresh stuff from Buff Monster, a monster graffiti fill in peace from Leik(?) and street art from Abcnt, Bankrupt Slut, VRHS, Get Up Street Art, Common Cents, 2wenty, Cyrcle, Madman, Dface and more.


  1. Isn't all street art "vandal"?

  2. Love Me does it right! Now that is some ill placement!