Thursday, July 18, 2013

Trayvon Martin Street Art - Bloody Skittles

Plastic Jesus gets up a new piece themed on the Trayvon Martin murder trial with a bag of Skittles bleeding out on the streets.

Plastic Jesus has this to say about his piece:

Like many people I'm bemused by the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict.
As a journalist I followed the case and one thing immediately struck me, and that was how the most minute detail of the case was seized upon by both the defence and prosecution to try to portray each party in a simplistic, stereotypical way.
Trayvon was buying candy and only 17 and therefore was a child,
Zimmerman had trained at MMA and therefore the prosecution tried to  use this to prove he was a trained 'killer'

Obviously both assumptions are ridiculous, but sadly what is right and wrong is not what matters. What matters is what you can persuade the jury to believe.

True.  The earlier posted ongoing protests demonstrate that most of America cannot believe what the Trayvon Martin muray was persuaded to believe.


  1. That's not a rainbow.

  2. somehow I knew pj was coming with a tm piece. schooling yup yup I can see the future of all pj pieces