Thursday, February 23, 2012

Taking It To the Next Level: Maggot

Not a rehashed celebrity photo--this is art on the streets!

Yet another impressive piece from Maggot.

The image itself is so powerful, and the cut out shapes really make it pop.

This is true street art~

Stay up!


  1. .....................................that is so sick, the whole neighborhood chucked in a synchronistic fashion.

    love it!!!! how the f did you do that??? here is some true hand drawn original work and amazing skill in execution..... how the.... wow.


  2. Great paste!

    the biology is all wrong though:
    -the large worm initially looks like a nematode (Ascaris?...but they lack a head)
    The offspring would not nurse, that's a mammal thing, which worms are not.
    The logo sticker is an annelid earthworm, not really a maggot though (maggot = larval stage of an insect)...

    just sayin'... not hatin'.

    -I DO hate being a nerd though (at at times)....

  3. ...on second thought, with the gills and rounded head the big worm is an acorn worm (Enteropneust) a Hemichordate.
    Just sayin'...

  4. Great, great photos. Thanks M&F.

    "that's a mammal thing, which worms are not" - funny shit.

    - Maggot

  5. This is the shit! Bad ass! More Maggot!