Monday, February 27, 2012

Mormon Moms Do Street Art

Everybody and their mom is doing street art . . . literally!

This rooster piece is not by a street artist, but by the mom of one of LA's street artists. M&F showed it on this blog a few months ago, and so did a few other street art sites.

The artist mom is 57 and hand painted this impressive piece herself. It was an instant hit, and moments after she posted it, people started taking pictures of it.

Up with Colur, Septerhed, Free Humanity, Bankrupt Slut, Lydiaemily and more!


  1. this is fucking sooooo lame

  2. lets dub her street milf ...

  3. hahahah more like street elf..

  4. Love this! The first pose is toooo funny. And She has real artistic talent. Stay up!