Monday, February 20, 2012

Alec & Haculla - Back At It!

Good friends Alec Monopoly and Haculla are back together and back at it.

Alec is based in LA. Haculla is from NY. And here they are getting up on the streets of London.

At Chelsea and Kensington.


  1. Alec has really gotta stop doing the same thing, Instead of going across the pond he should be in USA making a name for himself...... time to reinvent urself. Hes become so wack.... I Mean really, he painted the same thing that was already on the wall. Take it from me mate, do something new.... Its 14:59 for you

  2. YEAH thanks for posting Hac, M&F! New York loves u bro. Come back soon

  3. Alec is awesome... Come put you're name down, he's gonna fade away without his local fans....

  4. What happened to him?
    He used to be all over Los angeles,
    even was all over NYC too....
    doing solo shows
    Now he seems to have disapeared.
    come back Alec your fans need u!

  5. ALEC! I know you don't give 2 shits about what people think but you have to have a show in Los Angeles! I guarentee you I'll be the person waiting in line the night before! SHOW IN LA SHOW IN LA!! PLEASE ALEC PLEASE!!!!!!