Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You Are Real

Supreme seems to be everywhere after last weeks campaign. And some people have been saying that they have been capping artists, but they did seem to be more selective than in past years. They actually seemed to go out of their way to avoid art for the first time. Like here, they went over a 'burka'd' advert from Sabo, but left the rest of the art untouched, like Snyder and Felix.

Sabo did return and burka back up the Kate Moss.

You Are Real paster from unknown artist.


  1. This wall is starting to look like a street version of a Pollock painting ... a fucken mess!

  2. i seen someone put that puppie up in la i thought it was cute we meet the guy but i forgot his name lol :/

  3. Everyone caps, its all about maintenance. Sabo seems to be a good maintenance man.