Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lydiaemily Models for 'My Girls'

Lydiaemily has been super busy creating artwork for her upcoming art show, the Bamboo Curtain. The show opens March 15th at Lab Art (full show details HERE).

Even though she has been busy, Lydiaemily found the time to do an impressive modeling shoot for 'My Girls'. My Girls is a project by actress and screenwriter Daniela Amavia.

Daniela's goal for My Girls is to capture the true beauty of real women, not career models, and from these shots with Lydiaemily it is clear that she has done just that. Really love the way Lydiaemily's face looks in these pics. Daniela seemed to capture Lydiaemily's essence--so pure and so beautiful, honest, and tough as nails~

Dig it. Stay sexy and stay up~