Saturday, February 25, 2012

Desire Obtain Cherish Sells Piece for $35,000

MELROSEandFAIRFAX has chronicled the rise of local street artists like Alec Monopoly who have taken it from Los Angeles to the International stage, and another of LA's best has just launched up to the next level.

LA's own street art collective, Desire Obtain Cherish, just had a smashing showing at the Art Wynwood art fair in Miami. They sold two pieces of art, one of them, the Marilyn Monroe Vanity Fair piece sold for $35,000. It is an amazing piece composed of over 3,000 individual pill capsules. The other piece, Addicted at Birth, sold for an undisclosed amount.

Huge congratulations to DOC for this success. DOC has been bringing the quality heat, and they definitely earned it. You can read more about the art fair HERE.

Hell yeah. Stay up!


  1. Yeah, it is! Its awesome.

  2. theres already a well known graffiti crew called "DOC"...just shows how much these "ARTIST" know about the streets

    -dude bnw